Significance of Ocean Freight in shipping from China to the US

As is known to us all, not only to achieve the economy, the ocean freight is also the best way to shipping within a long distance. For shipping from China to USA, many people take the services of China ocean freight. Why does ocean load play such an important role in the international movement?

It is common to move a large amount of cargo over the ocean. As we know, with ocean freight containers, you can ship large shipments to the US from China. You do not have to worry about weight or volume restrictions as you did it in air freight.

Of course, if you want to take advantage of the container capacity, you will waste your time on packing goods based on the size of the container. There are two common sizes, one is 20 feet, and the other 40 feet. If you design packaging according to size, it must be more cost-effective. Since the container has formed an indispensable part of international ocean freight, it is of crucial importance to manage containers when shipping from China to the US.

When shipping from China to USA, it is necessary to follow the requirements of time, port and transhipment. In addition, more attention should be paid to the related loading and unloading conditions, including handling time, handling speed, time off and time handling time. Handling over time means that the carriage of large freight carriers should be completed loading and unloading within a certain time.

In addition, if the charter can not complete the loading and unloading within the prescribed charter period and delay the date of the voyage, the ship must be paid for. On the contrary, if the charter can finish the handling of goods before a certain time, it may be possible to dispose of money from the ship. With regard to handling time calculation methods, you can use the following methods: performing consecutive days / hours, working days, working hours, and 24-hour hours.

Now you can see that container management and the application of shipping conditions play an important role in transporting from China to the US. To motivate your international deliveries, you’d better take a look at related deliveries of information. In addition, you must strictly follow the requirements of every important part.